I'm Bali and Australia based wedding and elopement photographer. Originally I'm from Russia and I've started to photograph weddings there more than eight years ago. In 2014 I decided to travel to Bali, live and work there for a little bit and then move somewhere else. Bali caught my heart and I didn't want to leave this place. I call Bali my second home now. I love traveling but I always want to come back to this place.

I met my love in Bali too :) My partner is from Australia and we made a choice to base us in two places during the year: Australia (now it is South Coast) and Bali.

I'm inspired by real, not perfect stories. I'm inspired by people who want and ready to be themselves by people who value moments and unique photographic vision. I want to capture the story of your day and how it felt.

I have a documentary approach and effortless dynamic portraiture. It is essential for me that my clients feel comfortable with me, trust me and open with thoughts and ideas. I think the best photos happen when it is a genuine connection between a couple and a photographer.

I provide my couples with recommendations on how to organize better, what to choose and with whom to work.

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