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Hey there! My name is Maria. I'm inspired by genuine stories and relationships, by people who value moments and unique photographic vision. 

I have a documentary approach and effortless dynamic portraiture. It is essential for me that you will feel comfortable, trust me and open with thoughts and ideas. I think the best photos happen when it is a genuine connection between us.

I'm based in two places - Jervis Bay, South Coast, NSW, Australia and Bali, Indonesia.

I got a camera when I was studying psychology at the university in Moscow. Photographing was so much more fun compared to studying and I've chosen it over a long way in understanding humanity. 

It was natural to me that I came to the wedding photography as it was about relationships and emotions, still kind of psychology right? But in photos. 

I felt like I want to try living in other countries. I went where I could afford it that time :) Vietnam was nice, still my favourite place to travel and Pho!! omg just dreaming about it right now. Then I went to Bali. Maybe because of Eat, Pray, Love.. haha I'm that type of person reading the book and going to the place .. or maybe imagined cliff views. I like good views. There is something strange with time in Bali, you just do not notice it. I loved living there. And lived there for 7 years and counting.  I met my fiance Jordan in Bali. Thank God, he is such an amazing human! We travelled together. So thankful for all these times. I loooooove travelling. And travelling together was so much fun! And I wish we could live in so many countries.

In 2020, we moved to Australia.  The plan is life in Australia and Bali together. Ohhh I went into too many details about myself :) Let's talk about you!

If you are looking for photographer for you big or small wedding, elopement, family portraits, engagement or individual portraits session and you want your photographs to reflect you in a natural and genuine way, you're moving in the right direction.

You want to express yourself as you are, you don't really care about expectations, you see the beauty and you love your partner, family and friends so much and you know that the days you're together are the most important ones. Because life is about love! Because there is nothing better than the magic of a real moment!. It is unique and it is the most precious. It is what you want to leave as your legacy. You see it every day in touches,  in the way you move together and look at each other, you see it in the details of your life, you see it in the light and nature. It all tells the story which will be in your photographs. Because it is your personal story, each moment is unique and it matters. 

If it is your vision -  go to the contact form and say Hi to me! Because I'm photographing it.



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