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Hey there! My name is Maria. I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based in Australia and Bali, Indonesia. I photograph weddings, elopements, families, maternity and portraits.

I have a documentary approach and effortless dynamic portraiture. It is essential for me that you will feel comfortable, trust me and open with thoughts and ideas. I think the best photos happen when it is a genuine connection between us. I'm inspired by authentic stories and relationships, by people who value moments and unique photographic vision.

I started photograph when I was studying psychology at the university in Moscow. I felt so much joy and interest in photographing people so it slowly became my career and passion for life.

It was natural to me that I came to the wedding photography. I love the combination of emotions, “reading” people and their feelings and visual storytelling through all the small and big moments.

People say that my photos look natural and they feel like themselfs. I think it is an essence of good photograph that’s why I value trust between you and me.

After Russia I was lucky to live a year in Vietnam and seven years in Bali before I moved to Australia. Vietnam is still my favourite place to travel. I’m in love with soup Pho :) Bali I call my second home and I stay there few months per year.

In Bali I met my fiancé Jordan with whom we moved to Australia. I believe that I met him that year because I spend my Birthday in Buddhist monastery in Nepal. I had a solo day hike to the monastery and spend that Birthday watching kids “tarzaning” on prayer flag trees which was absolutely magical. Defiantly recommend as a Birthday plan!

Jordan and I hope to have our wedding in Bali and gather our families together from different parts of the world. 

I believe that life is about love and there is nothing more important than a real moments. It is unique and it is the most precious. It is what you want to leave as your legacy. I see it in touches,  in the way you move together and look at each other, I see it in the details of your life, in the light and nature.  I'm, telling it in photographs. 

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